Cast & Crew


Dilip Krishnamurthy (Mohan Iyer)

Dilip Krishnamurthy is a software engineer by profession and an artist at heart. His tryst with acting began when he became part of a theatre group focused on promoting women empowerment. Realizing his passion for the art, Dilip underwent formal training in acting and dancing at the Community college of Baltimore. Dilip’s work in short films include Equal Opportunity, Off Focus, Listed and Message on Fortune Cookie as well as stage dramas like A Monologue, A Rant and A Praye, Vaamana Leelai, etc.

In Knot Not! Dilip plays Mohan, the complex, multi-layered protagonist. It was enjoyable, yet a very challenging opportunity for Dilip and he says he had to dig deep to bring Mohan to life.

Jessica Siegner (Patricia Smith)

Jessica began her acting journey with the musical Rats at the age of 10. Since then, she says she has always been associated with musicals and theatre. In her last year at University, Jessica began taking acting classes for On-Camera, Film and Television. It was then that Jessica realised she enjoyed being in front of the camera and went on to be part of a number of television series and films. Jessica has won a number of awards including one for the Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film at the Portsmouth Film Festival. Jessica has a quirky, fun loving personality. She enjoys horseback riding, playing soccer, dancing, kickboxing and swimming.

In Knot Not! she plays the lead role of Patricia Smith a charming girl who knows what it takes to stand one’s own ground.

Suniti Santosh (Lakshmi Bhaskar)

Classically trained in Bharatanatyam at Sampradaya Dance Academy, Mississauga, Suniti has been artistically inclined since a very young age. Her introduction to director Brinda Muralidhar came after a dance performance, when the latter approached her for a role in an upcoming play. Armed with a degree from Wilfred Laurier University, Suniti started working for the Royal Bank of Canada. However, a call from Muralidhar, and Suniti was back at the sets auditioning for the lead role of Lakshmi in Knot Not!

Apart from acting, Suniti also likes to choreograph and perform to Bollywood tunes. She loves shopping and clothes and says she has used Knot Not! as an excuse to shamelessly fill her wardrobe.

Bala Ramanathan (Srinivas Iyer)

Bala Ramanathan has played a key character in his debut film, "Knot Not!". Born in a small town in Southern India, Bala was exposed to the now classics of tamil cinema at a very early age. Every single visit to the movie theatre stretched his imagination and instilled a lifelong love for cinema. To this day, Bala remains an avid film buff who spends most of his non work hours watching movies.

Bala considers acting in "Knot Not!" as one of the most creatively enriching experiences in his life. Portraying the character of Mr. Iyer etched by Brindha and Murali has allowed him to explore, mentally catalogue and express a range of emotions that once seemed unimaginable. His passion towards acting has definitely amplified after his first venture. In the future, he hopes to perform a variety of character roles that further fuel his enthusiasm for cinema.

Brinda Muralidhar (Padma Srinivas)

Theatre has always been a major part of Brinda’s life who comes from a family of damatists and filmmakers. As a member of a progressive theatre group in India, she has played the protagonist in several Shakespearean and Bertolt Brecht’s plays including Mother Courage and Her Children, The Good Person of Szechwan and so on. She was a Drama Artist in All India Radio, Mysore. With over 25 years of acting experience, and an ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) member in Canada, Brinda has worked with many theatre stalwarts such as S. Ramesh, Dr.Halemane, CGK (C.G.Krishnaswamy), Janardhan (Janni), Dr.Sindhuvalli Ananthamurthy, Sally Jones to name a few.

Besides writing and directing Knot Not! she plays the layered role of Padma Srinivas, the protagonist Mohan’s mother.

Nat Pennathur (Bhaskar)

Nat Pennathur is an IT professional. With a great passion for performing arts, Nat’s participated in pantomimes, skits, singing and dancing at various festivals and inter-collegiate competitions. Whilst not working, Nat enjoys playing many indoor and outdoor games and enjoys gardening, trekking, canoeing and swimming and loves Karoake singing.

He plays Bhaskar in Knot Not!. According to Nat, the role was tailor made for him, as it is close to his real life character. Although he found the process of acting very gruelling, Nat thoroughly enjoyed exploring and connecting with Bhaskar’s various emotional chords.

Vimala Jayakumar (Lata Bhaskar)

An English Literature graduate from Chennai and a teacher by profession, Vimala is a well-known friendly face in many social & cultural associations in GTA.

Landing the role of subtle and straight forward Lata in Knot Not!, says Vimala gave her a great opportunity to explore her skills in acting, that she couldn’t have imagined she had! Among her many interests Vimala says teaching Yoga and Reiki are her favourite hobbies.

Sridhar Venkatachalam (Dinesh)

With a passion and penchant for acting, Sridhar a professional in the banking industry, was involved in many stage and screen productions with Brinda and Gunny Muralidhar. In Knot Not! he plays Dinesh a level headed yet deeply emotional character, that seem to suit Sridhar very well

Deepa Balakrishnan (Shanta Mehta)

Deepa is a first generation Indo-Canadian. A University of Toronto graduate, Deepa has a passion for the arts and says she can often be found wandering through art galleries and attending theatre shows. Apart from her passion as a part time actress, Deepa is currently working with Green Peace. She strongly believes that the planet needs protecting and says she is honoured to work for an organization that mirrors her value systems.

Deepa plays the role of Shanta Mehta in Knot Not! and is the arch nemesis of leading lady Patricia. Deepa says playing Shanta Mehta was a lot of fun and her character is one that the audience would love to hate.

Aruna Bhatnagar (Basement Aunty)

Aruna Bhatnagar is an avid theatre artist since her college days in India. Since 1967, Aruna has been actively involved in the Canadian cultural scene. She has been part of many cultural organizations as a member London Folk Arts Council, Panorama India and AWIC. As a founder member of Hindi Literary Society, Aruna has organized many Kavi Sammelans (Hindi Poetry Symposium) and also wrote and co-directed one act plays. Her film credits include a pivotal role in The Taste of Relation a Canadian feature film.

In Knot Not! she plays the quirky and nosy neighbour Nimbamba Marmarkar the Basement Aunty.

Bhupendra Mane (Rajiv)

Bhupendra Mane is a Canadian actor who has been part of big banner productions – such as Beeba Boys, Dr.Cabbie, Speedy Singh etc. He has a degree in Biotechnology and Microbiology. Bhupendra, however, has always loved the arts and theatre. He has also worked as a model with popular designers Tarun Tahiliani and Neeta Lulla among others.

In Knot Not! he plays Rajiv the good hearted funny guy.

Viswanathan Sreenivasan (Venki)

A busy IT professional, Viswanathan was curious to see what goes on in film making when he answered an unexpected audition call for Knot Not!. It was his first ever acting experience.

In Knot Not! Viswanahan plays the role of Venki a nerdy guy, who holds the key to an important plot in the film.

Harpreet Sehmbi (Priya)

Harpreet Sehmbi is an actress, improviser, writer, producer, director and comedian. Born and raised in Toronto, Harpreet's trained at the Second City Training centre and with renowned acting coaches in the city. She's also been in different independent films and web series; most recently she was in an episode of #kateconwayisajerk. Catch Harpreet performing improv and stand-up shows around Toronto.

In Knot Not! she plays Priya a pretty naive girl with a skewed vision of reality.

Kayla Bernacci (Jenni)

An aspiring acting student at the time of auditioning for Knot Not! in 2013, Kayla has since been busy accumulating many acting credits including appearances in many Hollywood and mainstream Canadian TV and films. Kayla was nominated for best actress / best drama in her school production.

Although her screen time as Jenni in Knot Not! is brief, Kayla hopes Jenni will be remembered for her bright chirpy personality and adorable silliness.


Vinayak Hegde, Music Director, Composer & Playback Singer

An accomplished classical Hindustani vocalist, Vinayak Hegde’s first Guru was his father Govind Hegde Kallabhag. In Canada, he continued his musical study under Pandit Narendra Datar.

A multifaceted artist, Vinayak’s artistry is well appreciated by the audience in Canada, India as well as USA. Vinayak is also renowned for playing many classical instruments, including various percussions. He is the founder member and artist of Yakshamitra, a theatre group that promotes traditional art of Yakshagana. Apart from performing and teaching classical music, Vinayak has involved in composing music, directing Indo-Canadian instrumental symphony for the youth, organizing music concerts with fervent passion and creativity.

As a Music Director, Knot Not! is his debut movie.

Deepak Sant, Music Director & Arranger

Deepak Sant is a well-known artist in the Toronto music circle. A renowned musician and a keyboard player, Deepak is a disciple of Anil Gode, a leading Bollywood Accordion Artist from Pune, India. Since moving to Toronto in 2001 he has performed with various North American artists and popular Indian artists such as Anuradha Paudwal and Tyagraj Khadilkar during their Canada tour. Besides keyboard, Deepak is an accomplished singer and also a skilled player of percussion instruments such as Drums and Congo.

With his passion for sound recording & music creation, Deepak has composed music for over a dozen theater productions and musicals in Canada. As a Music Director, Knot Not! is his debut movie.

Hasheel Lodhia, Flutist

Hasheel Lodhia is a trained flutist. A student of the famous maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Lodhia began his vocal training in East Indian classical music at the age of five. Since 2001, he has been honing his skills as a flutist with the maestro. As a flutist, Lodhia has collaborated with some of Toronto's finest musicians and made music in many genres ranging from Balkan and Eastern European to Jazz, Electronic, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass. He has also served as a recording artist for several movie soundtracks, scores, and albums.

Rama Govindarajan, Veena Player (Classical Indian string instrument)

Rama, a renowned Carnatic vocalist and Veena player from Karnataka, India, moved to Canada to be with her children and grandchildren. A graduate of Music, Rama also holds a Masters in Kannada language. With her extraordinary teaching skills, she has taught music to many students in India and Canada. Rama actively participates in the community events and is a well-known face in the Indian cultural scenario of Toronto.

Ragu Kattinakere, Percussionist

Raghu is a computer engineer. A passionate artist of traditional Indian theatre Yakshagana, Raghu has added to the vibrancy of Knot Not! music by playing Chande a percussion instrument.

Shradha Ganesh, Playback Singer

Shradha Ganesh is a popular teen singing sensation in GTA. She is a trained Carnatic classical singer and has participated in several Carnatic music festivals and concerts throughout the globe and has won accolades. She has performed with several accomplished and notable playback singers from India. Shradha’s most memorable experience was when she was invited to perform at the home of musical maestro Ilayaraja. She says she felt humbled when the maestro appreciated her work and blessed her.

Shradha is currently pursuing her passion for music as a Vocal Major in the Regional Arts Program for music at Cawthra Park Secondary School.